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Very simple. Working for you to ensure your tech product and program, matched with experience and proven success, unlock your full potential. That's it. Pretty simple.

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As a proven people and technology leader with 15+ yrs deep experience building out products, services and teams while applying my industry knowledge, I am a technology renaissance agent. Greenfield or established product portfolio, I deliver strategy, technical transformation, and digital innovation while ruthlessly advocating for the customer. I tear down roadblocks and roll up my sleeves to get stuff done while supporting my teammates (direct or cross-functional) in what they do best (whether developers, marketers, tech writers, other program managers, or analytics junkies).

I've worked in both large and small technical companies (and a mix of everything in between) in retail systems, cloud (AWS), online retail marketing, education, educational marketing and media marketing/services.

Specialties: Launching a business, marketing, cost modeling, product management, program management, Email deliverability, ISP relations, project management, black box testing, white box testing, test automation, build and deployment, stress testing, load testing, UAT, documentation QA coverage, regression testing, Java, HTML, XML, Cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, distributed computing, vendor negotiations, budgeting, mobile, cloud, people and partner management, facial recognition technology, AI, computer vision.

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